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Self-study Room

Self-study Room offers a variety of online materials to support your learning with GENKI textbooks.

GENKI Drills げんきなドリル

  • Sets of cards for studying GENKI are available through Quizlet at the links below.
  • Note that the audio pronunciations given on Quizlet are computer generated, and thus differ from the human recordings provided for GENKI app cards.

The official GENKI apps are excellent tools for firmly mastering pronunciations and meanings with the aid of audio and illustrations

GENKI Vocab for 3rd Ed.

enables you to steadily learn all words studied in GENKI along with their sounds, example sentences, and illustrations.

GENKI Kanji for 3rd Ed.

helps you recognize 317 basic kanji and more than 1,100 kanji words learned in GENKI.

GENKI Conjugation Cards

helps you to master the conjugation of elementary verbs and adjectives through practice at your own pace.

OTO Navi

enables you to listen to the audio material of GENKI. After downloading it, search for “GENKI” to access the audio files.


Lesson Vocabulary Conjugation Kana / Kanji
Before L1 Greetings Numbers   Hiragana Chart Katakana Chart
Lesson 1 Vocabulary   Hiragana
Lesson 2 Vocabulary   Katanana
Lesson 3 Vocabulary Verb Masu-form Kanji
Lesson 4 Vocabulary   Kanji
Lesson 5 Vocabulary Adjective Present Negative
Adjective Past Affirmative
Adjective Past Negative
Lesson 6 Vocabulary Verb Te-form Kanji
Lesson 7 Vocabulary   Kanji
Lesson 8 Vocabulary Short Form Verb Present Negative
Short Form Adjective Present Negative
Lesson 9 Vocabulary Short Form Verb Past Affirmative
Short Form Adjective Past Affirmative
Short Form Verb Past Negative
Short Form Adjective Past Negative
Lesson 10 Vocabulary   Kanji
Lesson 11 Vocabulary   Kanji
Lesson 12 Vocabulary   Kanji


Lesson Vocabulary Conjugation Kana / Kanji
Lesson 13 Vocabulary Verb Potential Form Kanji
Lesson 14 Vocabulary   Kanji
Lesson 15 Vocabulary Verb Volitional Form Kanji
Lesson 16 Vocabulary   Kanji
Lesson 17 Vocabulary   Kanji
Lesson 18 Vocabulary   Kanji
Lesson 19 Vocabulary   Kanji
Lesson 20 Vocabulary   Kanji
Lesson 21 Vocabulary Verb Passive Form Kanji
Lesson 22 Vocabulary Verb Causative Form Kanji
Lesson 23 Vocabulary Verb Causative-Passive Form Kanji

GENKI Video げんきな動画

Video Collection of GENKI Sentence Patterns(げんき文型ビデオ集)

This tool offers 132 short video skits that present the sentence patterns studied in GENKI, covering one pattern per skit. It can be readily used for a wide range of classroom learning and self-study, including introduction, practice, and review of the patterns. (by Eri Banno, Yuko Umekawa, and Miho Sato of Okayama University)

Video Clips for Culture Note(Culture Noteのビデオクリップ)

Video clips related to “Culture Note” columns in the Dialogue & Grammar section of GENKI. All scenes were shot in Japan. (by Elizabeth Armstrong/Eric Faden [Bucknell University])

Links リンク集

Please note that some of the following websites are based on the contents of GENKI 2nd Edition.

Usagi-Chan’s Genki Resource Page

Resource site for GENKI users offering exercises for learning hiragana, katakana and kanji, as well as for the vocabulary appearing in GENKI. (by Andrea Shea & Kazue Masuyama)

Genki Kanji Quiz

A website that offers a set of interactive exercises for practicing kanji learned in GENKI. It helps you recognize the kanji through multiple choice and gap-fill exercises, jumble modules, and crosswords. (by Edith Paillat [Victoria University of Wellington])


Web-based tool to help Japanese-language learners read and write kanji. It contains a database of 1,235 kanji. Students can easily search for kanji in a certain lesson of GENKI by inputting the lesson number. (by Kanji Alive Team [The University of Chicago])

uPal: Associative Kanji Learning

This website offers essential information on every kanji that appear in the major Japanese language textbooks for elementary level. You can easily access kanji that appear in GENKI I and II, and learn their reading, meaning, stroke order (animations), and relational kanji knowledge. Kanji Matching Quizzes for these kanji are also offered. (by Joji Miwa)

MyKikitori―Practice Your Japanese Listening Skills

A listening practice site that contains original dialogues based on the grammar and vocabulary introduced in GENKI I. Two speeds, natural and slow, are available for each dialogue, and all the dialogues are accompanied by comprehension questions in audio format. (by Aiko Sato [San Francisco State University])